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The "Maine" Event

May 9, 2023
This is what my daughter-in-law, Katie, and I called our recent impromptu trip to Maine. I casually mentioned to her that I had a pressing desire to see Maine. A friend had planted the seed a few years ago, telling me that Maine was a must-see state, and his contagious enthusiasm for its beauty left an indelible impression on me. My desire to get there was then heightened last summer when it seemed as though every person I spoke with had either just gotten back from Maine or was on their way there. This turned my desire from “I would like to see it someday,” to “I must see it now.” Surprisingly, Katie responded with, “I’ve always wanted to see it too, let’s just go.” She is just as spontaneous as I am, so instantaneously, the planning began. We decided upon the week following Easter since we were both able to work it into our schedules. Our adventure crew grew quickly to include Katie, my son Matthew, their two children Sloan, age 4, Oliver, age 2, and Katie’s mom Sarah. I am sure you are thinking that sounds like a full vehicle and you would be correct. We were in a large SUV, but we had to take turns sitting in the third row with all our gear piled precariously beside us. While navigating one particularly sharp turn, I experienced a children’s potty to the head. Learn More

I Hope You Dance

May 9, 2023
The week of April 14 through April 23 has been designated as National Dance Week. This is a week set aside to celebrate the joy of dancing. Dancing is something that I love doing but am not necessarily very good at. Just picture Elaine from Seinfeld if you will or perhaps Wednesday Adams at the prom in the new Netflix series (Wednesday from the Adams Family). I am sure my children would concur. I have no doubt they were mortified at each of their weddings as they watched their mother on the dance floor moving about with reckless abandon. During the mother and son dances, however, (there have been 3 since I have 3 sons) my feet barely moved while the tears came pouring out as I held each son and remembered all the special moments we had experienced throughout their lives. I cannot begin to describe the intense pride I felt for the men they had become. To this day I still get teary eyed when I hear the words to the song that played in the background, “Then They Do” sung by Trace Adkins. Learn More

Thinking of Others This Easter Season

May 9, 2023
When thinking of sweet Easter traditions that have been enjoyed and passed down from generation to generation, my first thought is of chocolate. There are chocolate bunnies, chocolate crosses, chocolate eggs filled with peanut butter or coconut, and a myriad of other shapes from dinosaurs to ballerinas. All bringing smiles and joy to those on the receiving end of these confections. Heartbreakingly, chocolate has been in the news a lot over the last week, and not because Easter is quickly approaching, but because of the terrible, deadly explosion which occurred at the R.M. Palmer Company Chocolate Factory in West Reading. My heart goes out to the those who lost loved ones, and to those who were injured. I cannot fathom how that community must be reeling from the emotional and economic impact. Learn More